Project Management

Projects are exciting!   Local councils initiating projects to improve parish facilities is always good news.  However, projects take time to plan and manage, and in smaller councils clerks may not be able to devote the time necessary to bring a project to successful completion.

Sometimes it may be possible to benefit from the experience of a neighbouring council which has worked on similar projects or to seek help from a higher-tier authority but often. part-time clerks perhaps working from home, have to manage projects on their own in addition to day-to-day tasks.

Staff resources and time should be considered before the decision is taken to commit to any project.  Even when a council has agreed that clerks and other officers may need to work extra hours, the amount of time may be difficult to quantify,.  If the project depends on several contractors or external personnel, then timescales are difficult to predict without constant monitoring.

Sometimes, the solution is to employ a project manager to undertake the total management, working to an agreed schedule and budget.  

If you need a template for your next project to ensure it is completed on time and within budget, please contact me.