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Parish heritage and history.

Always Moving Forward

Parish Councils came into being with the 1894 Local Government Act which gave local communities the democratic right to elect their own representatives.  The Act created civil parishes distinct from the former ecclesiastical parishes based on the parish churches.

There have been many revisions of the Local Government Act setting out the powers and duties of parish councils.  Then, in 2011, the Localism Act gave councils the opportunity to assume more responsibilities.

Today, there is more scope than ever for parish councils to lead their communities and take important decisions that add quality of life to those who live and work in their parishes.

Greater powers and responsibilities bring with it the need for parish councillors and parish council officers to be aware of a wide range of legislation and to assimilate an ever-increasing amount of information.

Advisory Services

Designed to complement courses provided by Local Council Associations

Interim clerk support for parish councils, recreation committees and cemetery/burial committees

Setting-up Neighbourhood Planning Groups

Devising Community Emergency Plans

Working with the broadcast and print media

Using social media

Creating Community Heritage Strategies

Adopting your local library