A new book to celebrate one of England's most historic, dynamic and diverse cities

Published on 15 June 2021.
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"Many history books focus on what is lost, but this new title aspires to explore traditions that retain a lasting effect to this day"  

There has been little to celebrate over the past year.   Due to COVID-19, Leicester was effectively in a state of lockdown for twelve long months.  The pandemic has affected all of us in different ways, but as we hope for a return towards a sense of normality, perhaps it will help all of us if we can begin to place this event in the context of our long history.

This book acknowledges the people who have inspired us and changed our world for the better, including writers, actors, politicians, broadcasters, musicians, scientists, academics, sporting heroes and entertainers.  

Trevor Storer, Pukka Pies pioneer
Trevor Storer, Pukka Pies pioneer
Jennie Fletcher - Olympic Swimmer
Jennie Fletcher - Olympic Swimmer
Donald Hings - Walkie-talkie inventor
Donald Hings - Walkie-talkie inventor
Don Kotak - Asian radio pioneer
Don Kotak - Asian radio pioneer
Biddy Baxter MBE - Blue Peter Editor
Biddy Baxter MBE - Blue Peter Editor

Celebrating Leicester is divided into six chapters covering people, inventions, business and industry, institutions including sport and education, buildings (old and new), traditions, and music, arts and the media.

The book features the industries that brought employment and prosperity,  festivals that draw the community together, local heroes and benefactors,  projects that have restored and rejuvenated the city, Leicester's 'famous fors' and 'firsts' and the newer businesses that are developing in the twenty-first century.

The people of Leicester have been placing their city on the world stage for centuries.  Alongside many others, there have been missionaries, anthropologists, explorers of the Amazon, scientists and footballers, olympic swimmers, machine tool manufacturers, water engineers, politicians, novelists, film directors, furniture designers, makers of confectionery and organisers of comedy festivals.

Leicester's history stretches back to before the Romans reached the area in 48 AD. Despite unsympathetic development in post-war years, it still has a rich heritage of buildings which are noble, fascinating, and delightful to view. It has centuries of traditions, and an impressive roll call of men and women who have gained recognition for their contributions to society, and in some cases by simply making us laugh.

Buildings and open spaces play an important role in defining the character of a city.  Medieval churches and ruined structures speak of longevity; dignified town halls, towering mills and extensive factories stretching along waterfronts indicate a prosperous industrial past.

Leicester's architecture and the green areas between the buildings is an urban landscape linking historically the Roman occupation to the role of technology in the city in the twenty-first century.

Quick facts about Leicester

A Leicester Polytechnic student created the first-ever browser for the World Wide Web.
Ten million bags of crisps are produced here every day.
The man who founded Curry's PC World previously maintained steam engines here.
The city's first billionaire began his career on Leicester market selling reject curtains.
It's the home of the UK's first mainland local radio station.
It's where Gary Lineker first kicked a ball and where Showaddywaddy first played.
The city's New Walk museum is where Sir David Attenborough was inspired by nature.
Thomas Cook organised his first holiday excursion from the city's railway station.
At a concert here, composer Sir Michael Tippett, as a boy, was first turned on to music.
Blu-tack was invented here.
So too were dimpled golf balls.
And traffic wardens!

Title : Celebrating Leicester
Paperback : 96 pages
ISBN-10 : 1398106542
ISBN-13 : 978-1398106543
Publisher : Amberley Publishing (15 June 2021)
Language: : English
Size : 234mm x 165mm
Images : 100 colour and black & white photographs
Cover price : £15.99