Six year olds fascinated by their past


Do young children understand history?    In my experience, most certainly they do!   In September 2019, I made a return visit to Kibworth CE Primary School to talk to Year 2s about the history of Kibworth, using images, past and present, to show them how the buildings they walk past and visit every week have changed over time.

These six year olds were fascinated by the pictures of the past, the goods on displays in shop windows, the horses and carts, and the clothes worn by their predecessors over a century ago.

Although it was not the intention,  I heard later from staff at the local convenience store that several parents had enquired about my book Kibworth Through Time because their children had been talking to about the photographs I had shown them.

One mum emailed me later, saying her daughter had been 'talking about the old shops ever since' and thanked me for inspiring her.

It is so good to know that these children have a fascination for the built environment and a real sense of time and place. There is a thirst for knowledge which community libraries and village museums can respond to.

It is also a credit to the teachers who inspire their children every day with innovative ways of learning.