No room in the Church? Meet in the baths!


According to the first Standing Orders of Tugby Parish Council,  published in 1904, if there was no room to meet in the church vestry, then parish council meetings could be held in the public baths!  

This was a national provision setting out where and when the relatively-new parish councils could meet.

They took over from the earlier 'vestry' meetings held under the auspices of the parish priest, and in many parishes, including Tugby, the rector or vicar became one of the 'new' civil councillors, providing a sense of continuity.

If there was no suitable public building in the parish which could be used free of charge, meetings could be held in 'any suitable room maintained out of any local rate' but not in a private dwelling.

As today, the Council was not permitted to meet on licensed premises except where no other suitable room was able without charge.

If all else failed, 'any portion of any public baths provided under the Baths and Washhouses Act' could be used as a place of Meeting.