Delivery people on board to spot potholes


They will be asked to report damaged roads for a Department of Transport nationwide survey.

The project has been described by the Department as the first-of-its-kind audit into the mapping of potholes in England 'to better target improvements so that roads are in top conditions as people return to work and school.'

Govcernment officers will work with businesses such as Deliveroo, Uber, Tesco and Ocado, and local highway authorities to identify 'pothole hot-spots', as well as highway data and mapping company Gaist.

'The plan will help cyclists and motorists get back to school and work,'  officials said, adding that said the pothole mapping review will allow for the Government to ably target the worst-affected areas within a matter of months.

The Government has not announced any new funding for repairs or set out any mechanism for targeting areas with roads in poor condition, but officials point out that the Government has committed £2.5bn over five years for pothole repairs.

The latest Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance (ALARM) Survey, published in March 2020, estimated that it would take eleven years to catch up with the backlog of repairs on the local road network, at a cost of £11.14bn.

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