CPRE State of the Green Belt report published


The 2021 edition of the regular report from the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) has been published.  

Green Belt is the countryside next door for 30 million people living in the largest towns and cities.  One of the primary roles of the Green Belt is to maintain the openness of the countryside, and it encourages housing to be placed near to where people work and to the amenities people need. 

The report says that the countryside near to where people live has never had a greater test of its importance to people's health and wellbeing than during the start of the coronavirus pandemic, but Green Belt land continues to be threatened by development, decreasing its ability to provide for nature and reduce the impacts of climate change and people's access to green spaces. 

This report from CPRE, the countryside charity, highlights the threat that is currently being faced, and will be faced, by the Green Belt as a result of unsuitable housing developments. 

The report can be downloaded free of charge.

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