Call for better air quality near schools


The reduction in air pollution seen during the Covid-19 lockdown has almost disappeared.

Research by Queen Mary University of London, carried out on behalf of Global Action Plan (GAP) and the Philips Foundation, shows that outdoor air pollution has a direct correlation with the number of children found to have poor lung function.

Groups including GAP and Mums for Lungs are calling for action by the Government and local authorities to improve air quality at schools.

The results of a recent report by GAP found that clean air practices can reduce the spread and exacerbation of Covid-19.  GAP argues that protecting today's generation of school children against the toxins carried by air pollution is not only important in preventing damage to children's health, but also in reducing the impact of Covid-19 and similar pandemics in the future.

For more information, please follow the link below to the Philips Foundation website.