Building on village heritage


The history of a village is relevant to any age.  Knowing about the past helps towards an understanding of the present.  Today, many villages are expanding due to pressure from Government to build more houses, which means the historic core of a settlement needs not only protection from development, but a secure role for the future.

Understanding how settlements came into being and why certain buildings have survived is an important part of Neighbourhood Planning.  Most planning authorities create settlement profies which may form part of a Local Plan. 

Telling the story of a village is a great way to welcome new families to the community.  Where better to start than the parish church or the local pub?    It can be a community project based in your library, if you have one, or in the church or village hall, or elsewhere.

Perhaps Parish Councils should sign up a heritage warden, just like you may have vounteers who look after trees or wildlife in the parish.