A new life for an historic Cottage

04/01/2019 08:22

A controversial planning application can cause concern and even anger from those who feel they will be affected,  but sometimes, when all sides are willing to co-operate, there can be a positive outcome for all concerned.

I was delighted to hear from Whetstone Parish Council that planners and developers noted comments I had made about a cottage at the centre of a planning application.  The Parish Council had invited me to review the historic importance of the site.

30 High Street is on the corner of a lane leading to the Parish Church.  Its features and location suggested a long history of occupation, possibly associated with the church. 

I surmised that it may have provided accommodation for labourers who were building or repairing part of the church.  There are names etched into the brickwork above the front door.

There are similar examples in nearby parishes including a pub which was originally a 'hostel' for the men who worked on the church.

Following my comments, the developer rethought his scheme and produced a revised plan which imaginately incorporates the existing cottage into the new development.  The old building still has a purpose, and the new homes next door will bring people back to the heart of the village.

Altogether, a very satisfactory outcome, and evidence that developers, planners and parish councillors can work together to enhance our village landscapes.