Community history & heritage

Knowing the past provides a stronger sense of community, and helps us to understand the challenges of the present day.  Click on an image to read more.

The Danby Court Leet

This ancient and still active form of local government has its headquarters in a castle and manages over 15,000 acres of land on the North York Moors.

Mud on the wall!

The mud wall at 70 High Street in Kibworth Beauchamp in Leicestershire is an important historic structure. Its care requires professional expertise.

Co-op concepts carry forward

The co-operative movement has a long history in retail, mutual insurance, banking and even energy provision.  Today, its role in the community is increasingly relevant.

The Leicester Pageant 

Ten days in June 1932 when when the people of Leicester came together for one of the most amazing and memorable public shows in its long history.

From Green Shield to Argos

The Argos catalogue had its roots in the more modest leaflet of the 1960s which illustrated the rewards for shoppers who collected Green Shield stamps.

The bells of St Wilfrids

The oldest bell in the tower of St Wilfrid's has been ringing out across Kibworth for over four hundred years through times of unrest, celebration, war and peace. 

Turning the pages of time

The man who painted Thomas

The transfer of small libraries from council to community management has been controversial, but there are many success stories to be told.

In 2019,  the villagers of Kibworth in south Leicestershire commemorated artist John Theodore Kenney, the man who illustrated Thomas the Tank Engine.

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