Georgiana Eagle

Several distinguished writers including Elizabeth Longford (in her biography of Queen Victoria) dismissed a nineteenth-century story about an alleged female clairvoyant receiving a gift of a watch from the Queen in return for demonstrating her 'powers'. It was stated in several authoritative books that this person - by the name of Georgiana Eagle - never existed.

In 2006, I identified the mysterious Georgiana. whom, it had also been claimed, held seances at Osborne House for Queen Victoria following the death of Prince Albert.

My research and a brief biography of the life of Georgiana, who was the daughter of conjuror Barnardo Eagle, was published in the American Journal Newstead and in the online journal Psypioneer Vol 1 No 15-16 in July 2005.

The watch that Queen Victoria presented to Georgiana to commemorate her visit(s) to Osborme House, was later donated to the College of Psychic Studies by the American medium Etta Wriedt who had received it from the publisher, journalist and spiritualist W.T.Stead. It was subsequently stolen from the college but traced when put up for auction, and returned in 2016.