Consultancy services

A friendly, professional and affordable service for town and parish councils.

  • Business plans
  • Staffing reviews
  • Community resilience plans
  • Project management
  • Neighbourhood planning
  • History and heritage projects
  • Managing social, community and mainstream news media
  • Grant applicatons and funding streams

Tailored to your council's precise requirements.   Special rates for small councils.  Free initial summary and guidance.   

I am a freelance Associate of Local Council Consultancy,  a service provided by the Society for Local Council Clerks.  I work with community-level councils, parish meetings, charitable trusts, community-managed libraries and neighbourhood planning groups.

I have also worked as a freelance consultant for the Leicestershire and Rutland Association of Local Councils. 

My previous work has included supporting new councils and clerks, managing recreation grounds, allotments and cemeteries, steering neighbourhood planning groups, applying for grants and creating and testing community resilience plans. 

I provide staffing, structure and governance reviews and appraisals for town and parish councils, and compile reports, business plans and strategic documents for submission to other local authorities.

I also advise on using social media to engage with communities, protecting and developing local heritage assets and operating community-managed libraries.

Further Information

My reports are delivered electronically in PDF format.  A visual presentation and comb-bound printed versions are also be available.

All reports are based on relevant current legislation with full references, appendices and footnotes. 

My fee and the completion date will be based on the number of officers, the size of your council and the brief you provide, and will be stated in writing before commencement of any work.  References are available on request.

Please contact me for an informal chat.

Email - or use the Contact Form.