Books in print

I have been writing ever since I left school, mainly for local newspapers and magazines. My first book was Central Leicester which was published by Tempus Publishing in 2005.

In 2007, publisher Alan Sutton invited me to compile Leicester Through Time for his new Amberley Publishing imprint. Several other titles for Amberley followed.

A commission from Pen & Sword Books led to the publication of British Retail which was published in hardback in 2018. This tells the story of the men and women behind the most familiar High Street brands.

I now have twenty-six books in print including some reprints. All are available from local bookshops, national chains, and the usual online suppliers.

British Retail

We encounter many familiar High Street names every day.  Shopping is an essential part of our lives, and at Christmas most of us frequent the big stores more often than the rest of the year.

British Retail tells the stories of the men and women behind those familiar brands, from Henry Curry's bicycles to James WIlkinson's hardware shop, from William Morrison's market stall in Bradford to the grocery shop in London's Acton Hill run by Wallace Waite and Arthur Rose.  These were men and women of amazing conviction and extraordinary vision.

Published in hardback by Pen & Sword.

Historic England: Leicester

This illustrated history is a nostalgic look at Leicester's past and highlights the special character of some of its most important historic sites.

The photographs are from the Historic England Archive, a collection of over 12 million photographs, drawings, plans and documents covering England's archaeology, architecture, social and local history.

Leicester has been at the heart of the country's political and economic development for over two millennia. Historic England: Leicester shows the city as it once was, from its churches, parks, streets and alleyways to its Victorian mills and textile factories.

Published in softcover by Amberley Publishing in association with Historic England.
96 pages. £14.99

The Imagery of Bells

My next book will investigate the role of bells in culture, literature and religion, from the rituals of the Church to the dark imaginings of Shakespeare's Macbeth,  and in modern culture by rock bands like AC/DC and Metallica. 

This is a subject with fascinating and sometimes very dark resonances.  I have been inspired by visits to the John Taylor Bell Foundry in Loughborough during research and filming for Professor Michael Wood's Great British Story BBC TV series.