About me

I was born in Somerset.  I always enjoyed writing and photography.  I was editor of my school magazine and my church newsletter.  Also in my teenage years I worked for a seaside photography studio, later writing history articles for local newspapers.

I graduated from Durham University with a BA degree in Psychology and joined the BBC as a Studio Manager at Broadcasting House and the BBC World Service.

Later, I moved into production and became a producer and senior broadcast journalist.

I was part of a local radio station's management team with responsibility for the BBC Open Centre in Leicester until 2011.   Then I became a full-time writer, researcher, and adviser to parish councils.

My MA degree is in English Local History (Nottingham) and I have the Certificate in Local Government Administration (CiLCA) qualification.

I have worked with five parish councils and committees on neighbourhood planning, community managed libraries, recreation areas and cemetery management. I also advise on engaging with the news and social media and on community heritage strategies.

I enjoyed working with committed, inspiring and creative people who believe in their community. See some of my past projects HERE.

I worked with Maya Vision International and TV historian Michael Wood on the BBC series The Story of England (2009) and Great British Story (2011).    In 2014 - 2015, I provided the research, text and images for eighteen heritage panels for Leicester City Council.

My books are mainly about local and British history, published by Amberley Publishing, Pen & Sword and the History Press.  I have twenty-six books in print, and I am a trustee of my local Community Library.