Stephen Butt is an author of books on local and social history. He was born in Somerset, and in his teens, worked for a seaside photography business, later writing history articles for a free magazine and the local weekly newspaper.

He gained his first degree from Durham University (BA Psychology) and became a Studio Manager with the BBC at Broadcasting House and BBC World Service. Stephen was a Senior Broadcast Journalist and a member of a local station's management team until 2011 when he took sabbatical leave to work with television historian Michael Wood on his Story of England series for BBC2 and BBC4, and later, the follow-up series, Great British Story.

Stephen then decided to become a full-time writer, researcher, and freelance local government officer mainly working with parish councils.

He was Honorary Secretary of the Leicestershire Archaeological and Historical Society for ten years and edited their members' magazine (2004-2014).

His MA degree is in English Local History (Nottingham), and he holds the Certificate in Local Government Administration. He is clerk or consultant to five local parish authorities and is a trustee of Kibworth Community Library in Leicestershire.