About me

I provide consultancy services to community groups and community-level councils.  I am a freelance Associate of the Local Council Consultancy which is operated by the Society of Local Council Clerks.   My most recent project for SLCC was a staffing and organisational review for Baildon Town Council in Yorkshire.

Previously, I worked as a clerk to several parish councils. This gave me experience in neighbourhood planning, cemetery management,  setting up community allotments and running recreation and play areas.

My background is in broadcast journalism and local council administration. My academic qualifications include a BA in Psychology from Durham University and an MA in Regional and Local History from Nottingham University.  I hold the Certificate in Local Council Administration from the Society of Local Council Clerks. 

I was formerly a member of a BBC local radio management team and a Senior Broadcast Journalist.   In 2009-2011, I was part of the production team for the BBC series The Story of England  and Great British Story written and resented by historian Professor Michael Wood.  

I have provided the research, text and images for twenty-nine heritage interpretation panels for Leicester City Council.

My books are mainly about social history, published by Amberley Publishing, Pen & Sword and the History Press.   I have twenty-six titles in print.