Stephen Butt
Local council consultant, author and researcher

Consultancy services for community-level councils, charitable trusts, community-managed libraries and neighbourhood planning groups.  Advisor for historical research and heritage projects.

A friendly, professional and affordable service for town and parish councils.

  • Business plans
  • Staffing reviews
  • Community resilience plans
  • Project management
  • Neighbourhood planning
  • History and heritage projects
  • Website access reviews

The Co-operative movement and 21st century localism

The first workers co-operative was founded over 500 years ago in Aberdeen.  

Co-operative principles developed during the Industrial Revolution, influenced by trade unions,  friendly societies, non-conformist preachers, philanthropists and social thinkers.  

Today, co-operative principles are regaining popularity as localism encourages decision-making and wealth at community level.

Help them to hear you

Let them have their say

There are nearly nine million people with hearing difficulties in the UK.  640,000 are severely deaf.  

Help parishioners and councillors with hearing loss to participate fully by following these guidelines.

How many members of the public attend your council's meetings?   Do they feel really involved?  

Here are some ideas on welcoming residents who have something to say.

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