I work with community-level councils, parish meetings, charitable trusts, community-managed libraries and neighbourhood planning groups.

I also write books on social history and undertake research and heritage projects.

If you have a project I can help you with, please get in touch.  You can use my CONTACT FORM or send an email.

A new book

There isn't much to celebrate at the moment, but Amberley Publishing has launched a new local history title celebrating towns and cities in the UK.  I have been asked to write about Leicester. 

Many histories focus on what we have lost, so these books will celebrate achievements, the legacy of fine buildings, research and institutions, and the industries which have provided generations of families with employment and prosperity.

Leicester has survived the ups and downs of life for two millennia, and it will go on surviving.

During these trying times, I am using some of my spare time to write up the history of my mother's family.  

Since the fifteenth century, members of the Woodforde family have been writing about their lives and creating documents in the course of their professions as lawyers, clergymen, artists, musicians, soldiers and writers.

In this photograph from 1899, my grandfather is standing between his step-mother and my great-grandfather.

I invite you to browse my website to read about love affairs, shipwrecks and subterfuge.  The story starts HERE

To keep my brain in gear, I have been looking for projects I can work on at home during this time of self-isolation.   In fact, I have been looking at one for the last six months!  There is an old lawn roller in our garden. I am sure it hasn't been used for years because the wooden handle has rotted away and it is very rusty.

The maker's name is cast into the handle, so, when the weather permits I shall work on a gentle restoration and a replacement handle using what I can find around the house and garden.  At other times I will do some online research into the manufacturer, Alexander Shanks of Arbroath.  I may, of course, be the only person not yet familiar with this company!

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